x marks the spot

February 13, 2024

Spotted the 'X marks the spot' symbols around Bath and been wondering what they're all about?

Perfectly placed on the doors of those independent businesses on xplore, the black Xs signify that you are about to cross the threshold of one of Bath's much-loved independent business. These businesses are the leading lights on xplore.

xplore is the discovery app dedicated to independent businesses, designed to connect those eager to see independent businesses succeed with those vibrant independents that give our community its unique character.  

xplore exists for the benefit of local communities.  To help independent business flourish.  To make sure our neighbourhoods, towns and cities remain varied and unique rather than cardboard cut outs of one another.  A mobile app designed to bring independent businesses and their communities closer together, here’s how.

eight reasons why xplore is good for you, good for business and good for the local economy. 

1.    xplore helps you easily discover independent businesses in your own neighbourhood and be rewarded for your loyalty with cashback rewards

2.    xplore enables visitors to experience a more local life by putting independent businesses on the map, to be discovered. Enjoy a more authentic stay with xplore.

3.    xplore businesses run digital loyalty cards in-app, which means you are rewarded with cashback every time you pay. All easily to hand in your phone

4.    xplore enables you follow your favourite businesses for real-time news and offers direct from the business owners

5.    xplore is a place to find interesting and unique local events from local businesses – get straight into the local scene with xplore

6.   gift digital gift cards in xplore, to share the joy of discovering independents with friends and family

7.    with community gift cards spend is maintained locally to help build economically healthy local communities - we call this localism

8.    xplore is an easy and secure way to pay in xplore businesses, which carries NO payment processing fees for the business, meaning reduced costs for them

Keep your eyes peeled for the X marks the spot stickers on the doors and windows of independent businesses in Bath.  Ready yourself for xploring nearby communities as xplore prepares to roll-out to other parts of the region in the coming months.

Download the app, activate your wallet and next time you’re in town, you’ll be all set to show your favourite independent business you care and be thanked in return.

Almost there!

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