Discover, connect, and earn with xplore – the go-to app for maximising your local life and spending power.

with the xplore app, we're changing  the way you discover, connect, and pay with local businesses. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple apps and embrace the simplicity of one app designed to help you live a more local life whether you're a local or discovering a new community.

So, how does xplore work?

We certify and partner with independent businesses across communities in the UK so you can live and enjoy a more local and rewarding life, no matter where you are exploring. Here’s what you can do:

xplore like a local and enjoy a more unique local world.

Use xplore to discover new communities, independent businesses, events and much more.

Connect with your favourite independents.

Be the first to know their news, special offers, events and earn cashback when you connect with your favourite businesses.

Get cashback when you pay with xplore.

When you make a purchase at a  business you're connected with on xplore, you'll receive a percentage of your spending back as cashback. Easily check the current cashback percentage offered by each business directly within the xplore app.

Discover unique events happening across your community.

Going out makes us feel good. Now you can discover and get tickets all in one place from across your community or wherever you're exploring.

xplore pays back the community

community first.

A pencentage of xplore profits will be dedicated to supporting community initiatives.

independents only.

We CERTIFY every independent and have a firm no chains policy.

circular economy.

Our payment and reward initiatives are designed to keep money in local economies.

some things you might be wondering.


what is xplore?

xplore is a new way to pay and enjoy cashback across independent businesses and communities they call home:

  • Discover unique independent businesses, artisan markets and much more in your own community, or one you're exploring for the first time.
  • Simply add money to your account using a bank transfer or debit card so you're always ready to pay using xplore.
  • Enjoy cashback on everything you buy using xplore. For every purchase you make you get cashback. It's real cash, so you can spend it however you want across our community of independent businesses.

is xplore free to use?

The xplore mobile app is completely free to download and use to explore and discover all things local.

There is a small top-up fee each time you add funds to your xplore wallet. It's a single fee whether you top-up £5, £500 or somewhere in between.

xplore businesses offer an average 5.5% cashback on each purchase, which means that for every £50 you spend using xplore, you will enjoy £2.75 cashback. So you'll recoup the Top Up fee after just a couple of coffees!

By charging a small top-up fee, xplore businesses benefit from 0% card transaction fees.

With businesses spending billions on card transaction fees every year, xplore has been created to save independent businesses from increasingly high running costs, so that they can continue to be the beating heart of our local communities.

*xplore does not benefit financially from the top-up fee. Independent businesses do.


how do I pay using xplore?

First make sure you have added money to your account.

Tell the business you are at that you would like to play with xplore. Press the pay button in the xplore app and scan the QR code that the merchants shows you.

Once you've scanned the QR code a confirmation page will show in your app asking you to confirm the amount and to choose which balance(s) you would like to pay from.

Once selected simply press the 'Pay Now' button.

Payment is made instantly which is confirmed by an in-app notification.

You can see the transaction in your 'balance' tab and any cashback you've earned on the relavant loyalty card.


how does cashback work?

You earn cashback as a percentage of every payment you make using xplore. To see the balance of any of your cashback balances simply go to the specific loyalty card where you can see what value of cashback you have.

Discover amazing local businesses on xplore!

xplore is a all-in-one app that connects you with independents and provides instant rewards whenever you shop.

Fran, Owner of Cortado, Bath, standing outside his coffee shop.

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