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This isn’t another faceless company - we’re all-in from the beginning to help get your community on the map and help increase economic activity through local businesses.



Our mission is to connect local communities across the world through xplore, helping to create a lifestyle based on and around localism.

Independent businesses

We are for independent businesses only and have a firm no chains and no franchises policy.

Local xplorers!

We're a quickly growing community made up of people looking to explore and discover new communities.

Trusted by our growing community of cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods

Increased awareness for your community.

Get your community part of our one of a kind, best of the best marketplace made up of Independent businesses and the communities they call home.


Tell your community's story through the power of film and imagery.

Our service has been built to provide local communities a single platform to unite and build a stronger more resilient economy through.

The gift card for your community.

Drive more money into your local economy with a branded and financially ring-fenced gift card for your town, city or region.


Digital gifting yearly growth

Digital gifting is growing by nearly 100% every year.

Prefer digital gifts

Nearly a third of users say that they prefer a digital gift.

Increase in spending

The typical customer spends 65% over and above the face value of their gift card.

Who we partner with.

xplore partners with individuals and organisations who are passionate about helping their local community and local economy succeed in the new digital era.


Community leaders


Chambers of Commerce


High Street Programs


Economic Development Organisations

xplore pays back the entire community

Community first

50% of our profits are shared back into our communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and locals.

Independents only

We have a firm no chains and no franchises policy and are dedicated to creating a movement, based on meaningful relationships.

Circle economy

Our payment and loyalty systems are designed to keep money in and across local economies.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a community/neighbourhood?

A community is a group of independent businesses that give a city, town or village an identity that locals and visitors can connect to. A good example would be Bath.

A large City like Bristol is a community but will also have neighbourhoods that acts as another way for businesses to group under a geographical identity. As an examples Clifton and North Street are neighbourhoods within Bristol community.


How can I get my community/neighbourhood to join xplore

To join xplore you’ll need to fill out the enquiry form and provide your details along with an overview of your community so a member of the xplore team can get in touch to discuss further.


How do you choose a community to work with?

We only work with communities who meet our strict high quality threshold. There is no other community like xplore in the world and we take huge pride in being the gatekeepers of it.


What is the high quality threshold?

First, we only work with communities who want to work with us. We don’t sell, we inform, and try to let our existing communities do the talking for us.

Second, there has to be an active and engaged community of independent business who are willing to work together on behalf of their community but also as part of xplore's community.

Third, communities must have a clear geographical identity that locals or visitors can connect to. This identity can be as a community or as a neighbourhood within a community.

xplore is the one-stop inspiration tool for locals and visitors to live a more local and rewarding life

Let us introduce your community and its independent businesses to them.

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