Empower Local. Impact Global.

Our growing community is spearheading the transformation of local economies, empowering independent businesses, and enriching the lives of those who call these places home.

Building the movement

We have a vision to build a global community of certified independent businesses, empowering everyone to invest more of their time and money locally. Together, we're not just spending—we're making a stand to strengthen our communities, creating vibrant, thriving places where we all prosper.

What is a Certified Independent?

Certification is a designation that a business is meeting our standards of verified ownership, financial independence and has a physical presence that people can visit. In order to achieve certification, a company must prove that the business:

is independently owned

Independently owned and operated by individuals, families, or a small group of owners.

is financially self-sustaining

Financially self-sustaining and not reliant on private equity or venture capital.

has a physical presence

Has a physical presence within the local community it serves or is a market trader.

contributes to the local economy

Contributes to the local economy, supporting and engaging with the community through its operations.

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Why independent businesses matter

Create vibrant communities

Independent businesses add unique character and charm to our communities, making them more inviting and places we're proud of.

Grow connections

Local businesses are owned by your neighbours, creating a sense of belonging that big chains and online can't replicate.

Boost the local economy

When you shop locally, the money stays within the community, supporting jobs and local suppliers.

Creating interdependence

At xplore, we believe in the power of interdependence. By connecting independent businesses and communities through one dedicated marketplace, we're building stronger, more resilient communities where everyone can thrive. This interconnectedness helps lift us all up, creating a world where we feel safer, more connected, and truly at home no matter where we are.

Take action with xplore Certified

Spend more money locally

Make conscious choices about where you spend your money. Every pound spent at an independent business is a vote for a stronger more unique communities.

Spread the word

Share xplore Certified movement with your friends and family. Encourage them to think local first.

Get involved

Whether you're a business owner looking to get certified or a community member wanting to make a difference, there's a place for you in the xplore community.

strong communities start with stronger independents.

xplore is designed to keep money circulating within local economies to benefit all that live, work and visit there.  

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