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February 13, 2024

x marks the spot

Bath's independent businesses that are the leading lights on xplore display the 'X marks the spot' symbol on their windows. When you cross the threshold, have the xplore app activated in your phone and start reaping rewards straight away. Here's why xplore is good for you, good for independent businesses and good for the community.

January 31, 2024

what's xplore loyalty

Not only is xplore the discovery app for independents – where you can find the best local independent businesses, events and happenings – it’s a growing community. A place where you cast your vote for communities full of independent stores and businesses, A place where business owners get to say thank you for your loyalty. Four great reasons to join xplore loyalty.

January 19, 2024

what's xploreFriday

#xploreFriday is an opportunity for us to mix things up and get involved. To congratulate xplorers on being part of a community of likeminded gentle-activists and to give recognition to the independent business owners who are such a hugely valuable part of our communites.

January 3, 2024

community gift cards.

During September, in partnership with Bath BID, we quietly launched the Bath Community Gift Card. Community gift cards have been created to share the joy of discovery. They unlock the door to the independent community and give back to the local community by making sure spend circulates in local hands.

December 20, 2023

action inspires action.

at xplore, we inspire action through action. We develop the tools so that we can all make the change we want to see. Thriving local communities, economically healthy neighbourhoods, connected towns and cities. All with independent businesses at their heart. Take action, be the change.

December 19, 2023

the best independent communities in the UK.

The tapestry of independent communities across the country is the cultural fabric of our nation. Often found away from bustling urban centres, they offer a unique blend of tradition and innovation. But above all they offer a strong sense of connection.

December 14, 2023

the issue is us - be the change.

We are both the problem and the solution. xplore mobile technology has been designed to empower us to create a world we want to live in. Together we can make small changes and be the change.

December 12, 2023

tech for good.

We should look to our local communities and daily habits to make a positive difference to society. This article from founder Greg Barden explains why its our mission at xplore. to design technology to enable us to do just that.

November 12, 2023

10 reasons to shop local.

Changing our shopping habits and being more considered in our consumption can have a positive impact on our local communities. xplore, the discovery app that champions independent local businesses, has been designed to help us all live like locals.

October 12, 2023

you've spoken, we've listened.

Your business membership with xplore. just got more flexible. Having listened to feedback from business owners using xploreGO to power their business, we wanted to share some recent changes to help make life easier for you and your customers.

August 9, 2023

welcome to xplore!

Welcome to xplore. Where independent businesses and communities connect. A place where local businesses can be discovered, xplorers are rewarded and our high streets, towns and cities can continue to be uniquely independent.

No payment transaction fees with xploreGO

xplore is the discovery app created so that 'bricks & mortar' independent businesses can be found, favourited and followed to help them thrive. I was designed with our local communities in mind. So that they flourish. Those joining the movement understand that they have the power to vote with their pockets.

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