The Super app for local explorers.

From paying and getting rewarded at your favourite independents to booking local events and exploring new communities. Become a local xplorer in a flash.

Join our growing community of xplorers enjoying a more local and rewarding life

How the app works

We partner with independents businesses and the communities they call home so you can live and enjoy a more local and rewarding life.

Discover and enjoy a more unique world

Use Pixie to discover independent businesses, events, markets and things to do.

Your loyalty cards. All in one place.

Get recognised and rewarded by your favourite independent businesses every time you pay using Pixie.

Make a statement when you pay Pixie.

Make effortless payments with the devices you carry every day. One tap and you’re done.

Find the best local things to do.

Whether you're a local, new in town or just cruising through, you can quickly see what events, classes and festivals that are going on that you can buy tickets for, all in the Pixie app.

Pixie pays back the entire community

Community first

50% of our profits are shared back into our communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and locals.

Independents only

We have a firm no chains and no franchises policy and are dedicated to creating a movement, based on meaningful relationships.

Circle economy

Our payment and loyalty systems are designed to keep money in and across local economies.

Some things you might be wondering.


What is Pixie?

Pixie is a new way to pay and enjoy cashback across independent businesses and communities they call home:

  • Discover unique independent businesses, artisan markets and much more in your own community, or one you're exploring for the first time.
  • Simply add money to your account using a debit card so you're always ready to pay using your Pixie card or Apple Wallet.
  • Enjoy cashabck on everything you buy using Pixie. For every purchase you make you get cashback. It's real cash, so you can spend it however you want across our community of independent businesses.

Is it free to use?

Yes! The Pixie mobile app is completely free to download and use.


How do I pay using Pixie?

First make sure you have added money to your account.

Tell the business you are at that you would like to play with Pixie. Present your Pixie card where the business will use their Pixie terminal to read your card. Alternatively you can add your Pixie card to the Apple Wallet and pay using your phone.

Payment is made instantly which is confirmed by an in-app notification.

You can see the transaction in your 'Wallet' tab along with how much cashback you have earned.


How does cashback work?

You earn cashback as a percentage of every payment you make using Pixie. To see the balance of your cashback go to your 'Wallet' tab where you can see what value of cashback you have.

To spend your cashback simply click on the 'Withdraw' button below your cashback balance. Once you confirm you would like to withdraw your cashback, the value of your cashback balance will be transfered to your main wallet balance, where it is availble to be instantly spent as cash.

Discover amazing local businesses on Pixie

Pixie is a free all-in-one app that connects you with independents and provides instant rewards whenever you shop.

Fran, Owner of Cortado, Bath, standing outside his coffee shop.

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