We can save our communities!

Join us in our mission to create a more local world by becoming a local xplorer.

Coopers Home Appliances
Larkhall Butchers Widcombe
River House
MK Beauty Bath
Scoop Wholefoods - Bristol
Bath Aqua Glass - Walcot Street
Society Cafe - Kingsmead, Bath
River House
Green Street Butchers
Bullfrog Bottles
NOOK - Frome
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world
Let's create a local world

Try a smarter way to xplore, pay and earn rewards locally.

Discover unique and fantastic local businesses wherever you go, and get exclusive rewards for shopping with independent businesses.


Attract new customers and reward your regulars

Get access to powerful features designed to help you start, run and grow your independent business. Free from setup costs, and long-term obligations.

A Pixie business owner showing a product to a customer.

Build a thriving economy on local-power

Keep money flowing inside your local community, allow independent businesses to work together and flourish.

A Pixie business owner showing a product to a customer.

xplore pays back the entire community

Community first

50% of our profits are shared back into our communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and locals.

Independents only

We have a firm no chains and no franchises policy and are dedicated to creating a movement, based on meaningful relationships.

Circle economy

Our payment and loyalty systems are designed to keep money in and across local economies.

We’re building the #xploreLocal movement

Certified independents and communities are verified by xplore to meet standards that ensure local ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is xplore?

For xplorers

xplore is a new way to discover communties and independent businesses where you pay and enjoy cashback across independent businesses and communities they call home:

  • Discover unique independent businesses, artisan markets and much more in your own community, or one you're xploring for the first time.
  • Simply add money to your account through a quick and secure bank transfer so you're always ready to pay using xplore.
  • Join your favourite local loyalty cards all in one place.

For independent businesses

xplore is a dedicated retail, marketing and loyalty platform for bricks and mortar, market traders or mobile independent businesses.

With xplore, there are no setup costs, no lock-in contracts and no hidden fees to worry about. Instead, we offer a powerful set of tools that help you start, run and grow your business.


What types of independent businesses can join?

We cover all types of independent businesses. They range from bricks & mortar, market traders to mobile businesses.

Our main categories are:

  • Eat & Drink
  • Shop
  • Visit
  • Lifestyle
  • Sleep
  • Services

If you're not sure please contact the xplore team who will be happy to talk to you.


Is it free to use?

For xplorers

Yes! The xplore mobile app is completely free to download and use to explore and discover.

We do charge a small Fairness Fee for every top up you make to help us save independent businesses thousands of pounds in transaction fees.

You can find out more in the Add Money page of the app.

For businesses

xplore offers a range of business-boosting tools perfect for small outfits, available for an affordable monthly fee. Visit the business overview page or the pricing page for more details.


How do I pay using xplore?

First make sure you have added money to your account.

Tell the business you are at that you would like to play with xplore. Press the wallet button in the xplore app where the business will either ask you to scan their QR or they will scan your QR code depending on connectivity within he business.

Once you've scanned the QR code or its been scanned a confirmation page will show in your app or on the merchants devicce asking you to confirm the amount and to choose which balance(s) you would like to pay from.

Once selected simply press the 'Pay Now' button.

Payment is made instantly which is confirmed by an in-app notification.

You can see the transaction in your 'balance' tab and any cashback you've earned on the relavant loyalty card.


How does business cashback work?

You earn cashback as a percentage of every payment you make in businesses that have a loyalty card that you have joined. To see the balance of any of your cashback balances simply go to the specific loyalty card where you can see what value of cashback you have.

Better communities start with stronger independents

xplore is designed to keep money within local economies and benefit locals, businesses and communities.

A Pixie business owner arranging flowers.

Almost there!

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