Get certified and join a unique community where you can grow your independent business.

✅ Get your business seen and heard
✅ Get a deep understanding of your customers
✅ Reduce marketing time
✅ Send in-app messages with CTAs
✅ Be part of a unique community

Xplore is leveraged by a growing community of independent businesses to encourage visits to their physical locations or to facilitate the purchase of tickets, products, or services either in-app or through their websites

One app.
Many benefits.

Managing your independent business, customers and marketing under pressure is tough enough. Unfortunately, most software is not built for independent business in mind, making things worse by over-complicating what it is you need to do. xplore is different! We're a marketplace dedicated to connecting you with old and new customers through our app that has a suite of tools designed from the ground up just for your independent businesses.


Grow awareness of your business with our community of xplorers.
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    Your own unique business profile on our app
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    Customers can quickly see where you are, when you're open along with other key information
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    Reach new customers actively looking for your business


Engage your customers with posts that share your news and get the word out about your business.

Posts is where you can visually tell your brand story, share news, showcase products and inspire people to connect more deeply with what you offer.


Join xplore's universal 'cashback' initiative and keep the community thriving.

Whether you're rewarding loyal customers or enticing new ones, our dedicated cashback scheme is designed to bolster local businesses by keeping money circulating within our communities.

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    Drive loyalty with cashback rewards, keeping customers coming back for more.
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    Boost visibility and attract new customers by joining xplore's network.
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    Support your local economy by keeping money circulating within the community through our cashback scheme.

Direct Messaging

Say goodbye to emails and keep connected with in-app messages that actually get read.

More than just a message. With xplore's in-app messaging feature, you can strengthen relationships with your loyal customers and increase sales through direct messages that don't get lost.

xplore Paymets

0% payments.

We have created a card and hardware independent payment system. A network without third-parties, which allows you to accept payments from our community while removing transaction fees and giving you valuable insights into customer spending.

Gift Cards

Your own branded digital gift card.

Gift cards let customers share your business with friends and family – and help you make more sales.


Manage your business from anywhere with your own management app.

Stay connected with your business no matter where you are. The xplore Go app allows you to see sales, drive behaviors and communicate effortlessly with customers.

xplore pays back the community

community first.

A pencentage of xplore profits will be dedicated to supporting community initiatives.

independents only.

We CERTIFY every independent and have a firm no chains policy.

circular economy.

Our payment and reward initiatives are designed to keep money in local economies.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is xplore?

xplore is a discovery, payment and reward marketplace dedicated to independent bricks and mortar businesses, market traders or event organisers.

We offer a powerful set of tools that help you run and grow your business.


What types of independent businesses can join?

We cover all types of independent businesses. They range from bricks & mortar, market traders to mobile businesses.

Our main categories are:

  • Eat & Drink
  • Shop
  • Visit
  • Lifestyle
  • Sleep
  • Services

If you're not sure please contact the xplore team who will be happy to talk to you.


How much does it cost to join xplore?

You can try xplore through a monthly membership which you cancel at any point or we offer a 25% discount for yearly membership.


Is the transaction fee really free?

Yes! We built our independent payment system to keep more money in local hands.


What if I have more than one independent business?

We are dedicated to showcasing and promoting independent family-run businesses that contribute to the vitality and uniqueness of local communities. To ensure the authenticity and integrity of the businesses featured on our platform, we have established specific criteria for eligibility. Please review our guidelines to understand the requirements for joining xplore.


Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that xplore isn’t the best platform for your business, simply cancel your account and we will refund your monthly or annual membership on a pro rata basis.

Independents and communities are better together

xplore is designed to keep money within local economies and benefit you and your customers.

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