Our Mission:

Create local economies where independent businesses and our communities thrive.

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At xplore we believe independent family run businesses, market traders and local producers provide the economic and common ground for our communities to exist. They provide us with identity and somewhere real that we can experience, connect and belong to wherever we may be in the world. They bring opportunities to work, meet different people, buy something that has meaning and experience different cultures first hand.

However, our independent businesses and by default our communities are under threat, which is why we created xplore as a way to use the resources we have —our imagination, our voice and our passion—to not only defend but also enable independent businesses to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We're a profit share company  

xplore will ensure a percentage of our profits will be dedicated towards community initiatives that help support our mission to create thriving local economies.

At xplore, we want to be a successful business where we can continually strive towards creating a more local world. To show that a profitable company can create a virtuous circle between business, people and our communities—that profit is part of that picture.


We also believe that to maximise the impact of xplore; we need to ensure that our success doesn't just benefit a few. We have therefore openly put the spotlight on the fact that we're a profit-share company. In doing so, we hope to show what we should all expect from companies who have the privilege to be in business. Only then will we become a society with greater equality that benefits the many and not just a few.

Our story

From the streets of Lashkargāh in Afghanistan to the bazaars of Baghdad in Iraq, whilst serving in the British Special Forces, our founder Greg (a.k.a. #chiefxplorer), repeatedly experienced and shared simple acts of humanity in situations where you would probably not expect it.

Often or not these experiences came about through the need to trade. Whether buying bread from the local baker in Afghanistan or coffee in Baghdad, these opportunities to trade on common ground pulled down barriers.

In 2013 having left the military and back in the UK, Greg came to realise that he didn’t want to live in a world where these opportunities to experience different people and trade didn’t exist. Enter xplore, and a passion to build an alternative economy that revolved around independent businesses—the common ground wherever you are in the world.

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