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There are some pressing challenges for independent businesses. We believe that independent businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. Through xplore, we help businesses overcome some of those challenges by creating a community that can come together to create neighbourhoods, towns and cities we want to call home.

It barely warrants mention that the shape of our local communities is changing. Before our very eyes, once buoyant neighbourhoods are morphing into desolate spaces devoid of places to connect.  But there are interesting elements at play, as those business owners that understand the power of connection are punctuating our high streets with service-led businesses. This recent report from highlights how traditional stores and chains are falling, and service-led independents are making our communities more varied and vibrant.

xplore is here to help service led independents amplifytheir business to an army of xplorers that understands the value that independent businesses add to our communities.

get discovered

Get your business on the xplore map.  The place where locals and visitors can easily see a neighbourhood’s independent businesses and plan their visit.  Get found, followed and favourited by people that want to make a difference by championing independents.

drive loyalty

Through direct communication with xplorers that follow your business in-app, businesses can share information about exclusive cashback offers, events and news. In-app loyalty cards enable xplorers to see their cashback totals at glance, redeemable next time they visit you or saved for a special purchase.

reduce costs

One of the most important features of an xplore is the ability for an independent business to accept digital payments that incur zero transaction fees. Payment processing fees cost small independent businesses thousands each year.  The British Retail Association Payments Survey 2023 reported that retailers spent £1.26billion on card processing fees.

If you are a local independent business interested in being discovered, growing loyalty and reducing your costs, you can find out more about becoming an xplore business here.

We look forward to welcoming you to xplore.

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