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December 12, 2023

Active military service across countries and continents left a lasting effect on me. It left me knowing that good things can happen when humans connect, even, in the most unlikely of places. Small, seemingly trivial exchanges with the locals on the streets of Baghdad and in markets of Afghanistan had unexpected outcomes. Any hostile barriers built through fear were broken down with a handshake and a smile. That's why we are building tech for good - to help people make good choices about where to put their pound. xplore. is a place where independent businesses can connect with their customers and where people can discover local businesses and be in control of keeping our high streets, towns and cities unique. Without local businesses we have fewer places of connection and our communities will be worse for it.

trade is universal.  

During my time in active service, I noticed that places of trade offered opportunity for people to communicate and build relationships over common ground. The basic exchange of money for goods and services is universal and these exchanges over a loaf of bread or hot coffee can, as I witnessed, be change-making.

trade is at the heart of our local communities.

Digital transformation is dehumanising trade. We no longer connect with our neighbours at the grocer or butcher.  We prioritise convenience and instant gratification -things delivered direct to the door in a brown box. Impersonal experiences have replaced in-person service, with our high streets as the casualties. Those places and exchanges that once provided us the opportunity to connect and experience a sense of belonging are falling.

it's not all high street doom and gloom.

As a recent article from Glynn Davis for Start Ups explains, there is a shift occurring - from selling to servicing. Service led independents running more personal services are leading the way in reinvigorating our high streets -making them much more vibrant and varied places. Going back to my early experiences in Afghanistan and Baghdad, it's these personal interactions that make a positive difference and keep communities alive.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that leisure and hospitality is proving to be something of a saviour of the high street. It reflects the fact people want to socialise on their high streets.  Glynn Davis

tech for good.

That's why, at xplore, we are designing mobile technology that enables local independent businesses, the saviours of our high streets, to build close and rewarding relationships with their customers. To enables independent business owners to be at the heart of resilient, self-sustaining, economically thriving communities. Putting people, not big corporates, in control of our towns and cities.

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Xplore is a consumer app that puts independent businesses are on the map, and a business mobile solution that empowers independent retailers to build close relationships with, and reward their most loyal customers.


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