What is Pixie’s Customer Engagement Platform

October 9, 2022

Pixie’s Customer Engagement platform is a digital multi-tool that helps independent businesses deliver seamless, trusted, and engaging experiences to drive customer acquisition and retention. With first hand insights from our payment data, businesses are able to personalise customer communications and build lasting loyalty.

Help your business turn every interaction into long-term relationships with Pixie’s customer engagement platform.

Improve customer experiences with trusted data

It’s no great secret that a personalised customer experience builds unbreakable customer loyalty.

Getting the data to support these experiences, on the other hand, is extremely difficult for independent businesses. Businesses need to piecemeal personalisation together using off-the-shelf solutions, like a marketing stack, a customer support platform, a legacy CRM, and countless other tools. But those systems remain siloed and often too expensive for independent businesses.

Pixie’s customer engagement platforms uses customer data straight from our payment platform and delivers it through one unified customer view. From there, businesses can analyse and activate the data to help create a more personalised experience for each individual or group of customers.

It’s time to drive modern engagement

Customer loyalty has never been more important, and the platform a independent business users to reach them has never been more vital. To thrive in today’s engagement economy, independents must place their customer at the core of every single touchpoint by providing flexible, personalised, and trusted engagement solutions. Pixie’s customer engagement platform delivers on all of these attributes while also being cost-effective and easy to use for independent businesses.

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