Powering events, classes and unique experiences across our communities

Why run events with Pixie?

We found that there wasn’t one place that you can quickly and easily discover and buy tickets for things going on in your community or one you’re visiting.

So, we decided to do something about it and create a way for local businesses and event organisers to create, promote and sell tickets for their events and experiences.

Grow your attendance

Tap into our growing community of locals and travellers looking to discover things to do in their community or one they are visiting.

Engage your community

Stay connected to your attendees and keep them engaged with our in-app messaging tool.

Create with confidence

Easily list and manage your in-person event on our all-in-one app to build a seamless experience that elevates your brand.

Everything you need in one place

World-class tools

Our end-to-end platform lets you do it all – create and manage events, track sales and get paid.

Designed to help you grow

With built-in analytics, you can see how your events do and where there’s room to grow.

Connect with your community

Not only will you reach more people through our discover feed, but you'll also build a relationship with them.

Partner with Pixie

For community venues, promoters and festivals, a partnership with Pixie is so much more than just ticketing.

Independents and communities are better together

Pixie is designed to keep money within local economies and benefit you and your customers.

A Pixie business owner arranging flowers.

Almost there!

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