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About Bradford-on-Avon

Postcard perfect, it’s easy to see why tourists and locals from neighbouring towns flock to Bradford On Avon — one of Wiltshire’s most gorgeous towns. With the River Avon running right through the middle of the town, the incredible nine-arched town bridge complete with a medieval pilgrim chapel and of course, the amazing independent businesses, there is plenty to see and do in Bradford on Avon. There is plenty of history within this town — parts of the bridge date back to the 13th century and for six centuries, starting in the 14th century, wool and weaving was the staple industry here. Now, in modern life, many of the shops, cafés and restaurants you visit in Bradford On Avon are the old mills, industrial spaces or even cottages where workers lived. As you wander through the streets, you’ll have a plethora of choices of wonderful businesses to check out. From cosy cafés to florists bursting with blooms to bakeries and grocery shops to restaurants for a delicious meal out, whether that’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be charmed by this picturesque town within minutes of arriving.
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