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The Grey Corner

Your home is the most important place and the way you decorate it can really change the space. At The Grey Corner, they have everything you might need to make your home even more beautiful and stylish. Step into their gorgeous shop, located in the very heart of Frome on Cheap Street, and find interior inspiration on every shelf. All the items are handpicked by owners, Ellie and Jess, for a curated selection. Browse everything from kitchen accessories such as chopping boards and coffee cups that will quickly become your new favourite, to cosy cushions and planters to make your houseplants proud. There is something for every room and every home.
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At The Grey Corner, we are proud to offer you a lovely range of items from Vintage Shabby Chic to Scandi inspired decor. All our items are carefully chosen and handpicked by ourselves.

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The picturesque market town of Frome lies in the heart of Somerset, surrounded by vast swathes of open farmland, chalky ridges, undulating hills and valleys and generally stunning scenery at every turn. Explore the many cobblestone streets lined with an eclectic mix of independents and you’ll find everything from interior decor, quirky antiques and vintage clothing stores to children’s boutiques, florists and cafes. On the first Sunday of each month between March and December, the streets of Frome become a pedestrian playground and the town welcomes a pop up community of producers, crafters and makers. Stroll through hundreds of stalls celebrating the best from local producers at the farmers market on Stony Street or the artisanal trinket filled suitcases and prams at the “suitcase sale” on top of Catherine Hill. This unique market celebrates the independent movers and shakers in the South West and draws thousands of visitors each year.
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